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So Here's a Quick Snap Shot of What You Need To Know

WARNING: It doesn't include everything and it is in no particular order:


  • Develop a business plan, social media plan, marketing plan, and PR plan

  • Develop your product, service or solution

  • Set up the business

  • Choose the right type of business

  • Open a business bank account

  • Apply for a loan or pitch for start-up capital

  • Get the right insurance

  • Create terms and conditions

  • Understand Tax and Super

  • Obtain licences

  • Protect your IP

  • Get legal advice

  • Find the right accounting software

  • Choose staff or contractors

  • Buy a domain, choose a host, create a website

  • Develop content, brand and theme

  • Network & collaborate - build your connections

  • Become social - create accounts

  • Find IT/software solutions/POS

  • Get real estate (digital, bricks and mortar, co-working or even mobile solutions (food trucks, pop up shops, etc)

  • Find support - business coaching

  • Find suppliers or people who will range your product

  • Find customers

  • Find staff (interns, contractors, employees, temps, etc)

  • Find printers

  • Set goals

  • Create budgets (manage your money)

  • Analysis your competitors

  • Benchmarking




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